On the west coast, May marks the beginning of spot prawn season. For a few weeks every spring, the succulent crustaceans are snapped up by chefs and home cooks alike—then prepared simply to show off their natural sweetness. Of the shrimp species harvested off Canada’s west coast, spot prawns are the largest—and most delicious. We first caught some of our own in the Broughton Archipelago, the largest marine park in British Columbia. Following an afternoon spent kayaking amid the jewel-like islets, we returned to our boat, pulled up the trap and were pleasantly surprised to find it full of the large, coral-hued beauties. There’s nothing quite like eating seafood that you’ve plucked from the waters beneath your hull.

Celebrate spot prawn season at the 2015 Spot Prawn Indulgence Days in Cowichan Bay (May 14th-17th), the 9th Annual Spot Prawn Festival at False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf in Vancouver (May 17th) and the Spot Prawn Festival at the Victoria Public Market (May 23rd-24th).