Showcasing quality ingredients from the local land and sea, we create fresh, West Coast fare punctuated with global influences. With an eye for detail, we style and serve our food to complement each occasion and setting, ensuring that it looks as beautiful as it tastes.


Please contact us to discuss a custom menu for your event.

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Sea Salt Food Co.Sea Salt Food Co.Sea Salt Food Co.

Prepared Meals Tracy

prepared meals tracyprepared meals tracy

We believe everyone should have access to authentic, healthy food that tastes amazing. Our meals are designed to supply your body with the right type of fuel and delight your taste buds with a variety of flavors. We make it very convenient to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost through properly portioned meals that contain the highest quality ingredients to promote clean eating. Each month we provide an entirely new menu to ensure that our customers receive a variety of creative, flavorful meal options. Go Fresh